South Burgundy (Saône-et-Loire) is both rural and dense in terms of quaint villages and things to do and see…

For great information on sights, activities, cellars, etc.. it is best to check on the Burgundy Tourist Office for south Burgundy.  It is,  unfortunately,  not available in English but the pictures and videos will give you a taste…

Here is what you can do within a 30-minute drive of your rental home (my to-do list!)

Cluny, of course!

Château de Cormatin: stunning renovation by a group of friends. I like everything about it, the chateau, the gardens… and the village. There is also an permanent artisan fair two streets away.

Brancion: go for the view and to spark off an imaginative trip as a knight in a shining armour or a lady knitting at the window of the tower…

Chardonnay: the name rings a bell? cheers! this is the cradle of the Chardonnay grape!

Tournus: my favourite. I love the abbey, the feeling of peace and simplicity it conveys.. the village is nice. Don’t miss the lesser known old  hospice, it is quite stunning, especially the old pharmacy!

Saint-Gengoux-le National, (click on the lens to get the picture). They rent bicycles there to cycle along the Voie Verte

Buxy and its great cooperative cellar . You’ll find Chardonnay, Pinot Noir of wide variety of village appellation. Great wines , good prices. The same cooperative is also base in Saint-Gengoux-le-National

Chapaize  and its church. Burgundy is the cradle of Christianity, with the Cluny and Citeaux Monastic orders. Chapaize is an early architectural example of the faith. Whether you believe or not, you’ll feel the spirituality there.  Brocante and restaurant and teashop in the village.